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Rock Safety

Thor Bolt

Galvano Introduces the Thor Bolt

Mounting bolts in drilled holes with running water can be difficult. With regular bolts, the hole must first be injected with rapid hardening cement
 and then re-drilled to check for leaks.

The Thor Bolt eliminates the second drilling as the filling material is injected directly around the bolt. The cement penetrates the natural cracks of the rock and efficiently prevents water from leaking. This is a solution which saves both time and money.

This method has proven to be very successful in tunnel constructions in both Sweden and Norway. It has also been tested under a variety of conditions throughout the world with remarkably good results. The Thor Bolt has been approved by Norwegian and Swedish authorities.


This is how it works :

Step 1
Step 1





Place the bolt with the rubber gasket in the drilled hole

Step 2
Step 2






The nut it tightened and the rubber gasket expands. Expansion nut is then unscrewed.



Step 3
Step 3








Connect the injection nozzle with the quick connection. Inject filling material. Remove quick connection.

Step 4
Step 4







Fill space between rubber and rock with filling material and mount plate. The filling material penetrates the cracks, and air and water are drained through the drain pipe.


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