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Hot Dip Galvanized

Technical Information

Technical Info for Hot Dip Galvanization

  • The zink container has the following capacity:
  • Length = 7,5 meter
  • Width = 1,5 meter
  • Depth = 1,8 meter

The zink conteiner

The dipping pool contains approx. 20 m3/140 metric tons of liquid zinc, maintaining a temperature of 455ºC. The steel is first pre-treated by removing oils and dipping in a container with diluted hydrochloric acid to remove rust and scoria. The steel is finally dipped in flux (zinc ammonium chloride and water) to prevent metallic contact between zinc and iron. 

Labeling color, welding slag, grease/oil, paint etc. must be removed with polishing, high-pressure cleaning, or with a de-greaser and steam.

All cavities in the steel construction must be ventilated to allow pre-treatment solutions and zinc free flow to all parts of the construction. Sealed cavities can increase risk of explosion and/or deformations.

Hot dip galvanizing requires the material to have holes/details to allow lifting and hanging. Smaller materials that will go through a centrifugal process are exempt from this requirement.

The quality of the steel, and the amount of silicon and phosphorus, are factors that determine the thickness of the zinc layer. Surface appearance will also vary from grey to blank. The color will not have any effect on the product’s lifespan.


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